Corona 3rd Wave in India | Corona 3rd wave will hit India in 6 to 8 weeks; Aims chief warns!

Corona 3rd Wave in India

About two-thirds of the country's population is given a two-dose vaccine. The government is targeting to vaccinate 108 crores of the country's 130 million people by the end of this year, according to Dr. Das. Gularia said.

New Delhi (June 19); The Corona Second Wave has already created a lot of havoc in India. Also, it has caused the deaths of thousands of people. India's economy and the financial position of the people have reached the abyss. In a statement issued today, AIMs head Dr Ranip Guleria said, "Corona's third wave is likely to hit India in 6 to 8 weeks. Delta is about to evolve with the mutation, so new concerns about monoclonal antibody treatment need to be addressed, ”he said.

State governments have already begun the process of unlocking. Ames chief, who warned of a third wave of disgust over the issue, said. Ranip Gularia, "We don't know what happened with the first and second corona wave. The crowds are rising again. People are gathering as the unlocking begins.

The third wave is inevitable and will not hit the country in the next six to eight weeks. Also, for a few days the whole country could be haunted by the high death toll. If we do not prevent the massacre again, we will face further death-threats, ”warned Gularia.

Talking about the vaccine program, Ranip Gularia said, "About 5 per cent of the country's population has been given a two-dose vaccine. By the end of this year, the government aims to vaccinate 108 crore people out of 130 crore people in the country.

That (vaccination) is the main challenge. The new wave can usually take up to three months. But, it can take much less time depending on various factors. Apart from covid-appropriate behavior, we also need to ensure strict surveillance. Last time, we saw a new transformation. It came from abroad and transformed here. Resulting in a huge increase in the number of cases.

We know how to transform. Thus hotspots need aggressive surveillance. Also, in any part of the country, a mini-lockdown is a percentage. 5 will witness a positive rate increase. If we are not vaccinated, we will further weaken the corona fight in the coming months, ”he warned.

Fastnews98 concern: Coronavirus cases are low in the state but no one is completely safe from infection risk. Thus, everyone should not forget the Covid rules such as wearing a mask, maintaining a social gap. Everyone should get their hands on the vaccine as soon as possible. Lockdown rules should be taken strictly to pledge to protect themselves from policy infections. We must stay safe and act responsibly so as not to infect others with us.

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