Discussion in the US Senate on the impact of Nepal's corona virus

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The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday discussed the impact of the corona virus in Nepal. During the hearing on the Covid-19 epidemic and the US international response, Senator Chris Murphy, who is representing the state of Connecticut in the US Senate, asked about Nepal.

He said that about 30 million people in Nepal were affected by the corona virus and discussed the recent assistance provided by USAID. Senator Chris had expressed concern that the situation has become more critical as India has banned the export of health products to Nepal.

Jeremy Kondyak, senior adviser to USAID for the Kovid epidemic, said the situation in Nepal was dire and that most of those tested were infected with corona. His comment was that the rate was high. He also informed the Senate that he was planning for additional assistance to Nepal.

Expressing happiness over the entry of Nepal's issue in the Senate, Dr. Yuvaraj Khatiwada, Ambassador of Nepal to the United States, said, He appraised the concerned US agencies of the recent state of the impact of the epidemic in Nepal and said that Nepal needed assistance in various ways and the embassy was requesting the US government to do so.

Harry Bhandari, the first Nepali-origin legislator in the US state of Maryland, has launched a signature campaign calling on the US government to help put pressure on President Joe Widen's administration. He also briefed the offices of Maryland senators, Chris Van Holan and Wayne Carden on the latest developments in Nepal and said he had taken the initiative to request the federal government for assistance. Bhandari said, "The initiative taken by the senators has made us excited."

The United States has been providing medical equipment to Nepal to fight the corona virus. Over the past year, USAID has provided US तीन 36.8 million in aid and the Department of Defense has provided US 3.1 million in medical supplies.

As many as 250 million people in the United States have been vaccinated against the corona virus and vaccine production is expected to reach Nepal within a few weeks due to the rapid growth of the vaccine.

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