What's New in Apple's iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch's New Software?

Apple launched its Digital-Only Annual Worldwide Meeting on Monday. At that meeting, the company unveiled new software for the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. All software announced at this meeting will be available to developers immediately. Here's a brief look at this.

What's New in Apple's iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch's New Software?

New Apple Phone

IOS 15

IOS 15 New Official iPhone Operating Version. The new iOS update includes several improvements, including better face time. It now has Facetime, Regional Audio, Portrait Mode to Blur Backgrounds, and a Grid View that can talk to many people at the same time. In addition, Apple has also developed a new system where users can send scheduling links to FaceTime calls. Users can share their screen or music with others through a new feature called Share Time. Another great news is that FaceTime can now support Android and Windows via the browser.

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Eye Message is also being redesigned. This new feature called "Shared with You" will save people the links sent to you and store them in one place. It also works with Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts.

IOS's notifications have also been redesigned based on activities. That would be evident with the brand new design on the lock screen. Users can set different types of notifications to suit their needs.

IOS 15 has also improved the camera. There will also be a feature called Memories that adds photos to the gallery and music from Apple Music. Apple Wallet will also expand the app.

In addition, Apple has updated its map software with 3D data. In today's announcement, a new airpoder called "Conversion Boost" will be announced.

IPad OS 15

Like iOS, the iPad OS also comes with new features. IPad OS 15 users can reset iPad apps and widgets by putting them on the screen, and the App Library feature announced last year for iOS automatically hosts apps. Apple has also introduced a new multi-tasking interface that can easily accommodate two apps on the iPad screen. Quick Notes feature is also introduced, using Apple Pencil. A new updated translation app has also been announced.

New Privacy Feature iCloud + Announcement

The company has announced a new privacy feature called iCloud +, with additional features related to online privacy. One of the great features of iCloud + is the private relay, which works much like a VPN.

Watch OS 8

The Watch OS 8 is a great watch software that not only features new watch faces but also has brand new features that allow users to write and send messages on their watch. Mindfulness, a breathing app that tracks breathing rates while sleeping, also includes a workout app for exercise.

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The HomePod Mini works as a stereo speaker. Users can instruct the HomePod Mini to play music or movies on the Apple TV. The HomePod Mini can now be used as a stereo speaker when connected to an Apple TV.

Mac OS Monterey

Apple has announced a new version of Mac OS, named Monterey. Mac OS Monterey includes several new features, including using the same mouse and keyboard on Mac and iPad. Apple Safari web browser has also been redesigned. Apple has also added a new shortcut to the Mac interface.

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