Reliance will launch a cheap 4G phone running Android knows everything

Reliance will launch a cheap 4G phone running Android knows everything
JioPhone Next is developed in collaboration with Google. {image by hindi.gadgets360}

Reliance announced the JioPhone Next at its 2021 Annual General Meeting. The company will be an affordable 4G smartphone that will target the mid-range segment. More at the virtual RIL AGM 2021 event taking place on Thursday. This new phone was developed in partnership with Google and will come with an optimized version of the Android operating system. JioPhone Next also includes access to the Google Play Store and voice assistant. as well as the feature to automatically read on-screen text and translate it into different languages.

Mukesh Ambani of Reliance AGM said the estimated 300 million (300 million) mobile users in India are still unable to surpass 2G services because even the cheapest 4G phones in the country are priced out of pocket. He said he and Google CEO Sundar Pichai together are committed to building the next-generation 4G phones that are also cheaper. Although the company hasn't revealed the features and specifications of this phone yet. But it has been clearly stated that the JioPhone Next will be launched in India at Ganesh Chaturthi on September 10. At present, the price has not been disclosed. It is said that this model will be the cheapest 4G phone not only in India but all over the world.

JioPhone in India Release details

Pricing of the JioPhone Next in India has not yet been revealed, however, the phone will be available starting September 10.

JioPhone Next Requirements

JioPhone Next is designed for people who want to upgrade their 2G to 4G connectivity with a budget smartphone. The new offering is based on a custom Android operating system designed by Google specifically for Jio. The smartphone will come with voice commands and will be able to read text on the screen. in different languages Its camera is equipped with AR. As the phone is provided in partnership with Google, it receives the latest Android updates from time to time.

This isn't the first time Jio has brought home a cell phone to customers. In July 2017, the telecom company introduced the Jio Phone as a smart feature phone with 4G connectivity. The model was upgraded with the release of the Jio Phone 2 in 2018. The new will come with a full touch screen.

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