Radhe Movie Reviews: Your Most Wanted Bhai: Salman Khan Returns In Cop Avatar To Defeat

Salman Khan dropped his long-awaited film Radhe, Your Most Wanted Bhai on May 13. The first thing that struck me about the film is that Salman Khan is at his best. The second is that he is doing things he has done before and we as an audience should admire it. The story may have had more flesh in the flesh, dealing with serious issues such as drugs, but we are sure that Bhaijaan fans will not stop whistling his epic one-liners and his signature. Best gift to his fans. 

The Bollywood superstar has finally dropped his long-awaited film. The first thing you notice about the film is that Salman Khan returns in his cop avatar. The second is that he does what he always does and we as an audience have to admire him. Salman Khan released his highly anticipated film "Cops Avatar" on May 13. 

This is Salman's third film with Prabhudeva as director after Most Wanted (2009) and Dabangg 3 (2019). Most Wanted marked an epochal moment in his career. His swearing-in catapulted Salman's stature in Bollywood to that of a top Khan in the 2010s, and a year later the hype surrounding Dabangg further established him. Given that the story contains more flesh and tackles serious issues such as drugs, we are sure Bhaijaan's fans will not stop whistling his epic one-liners and his signature. 

The superstar and his chosen director fell into the same trick box for Radhe to get an immediate Seeti Maar reaction. It worked, and the film had a broad theatrical release. 

You can't let that stop you from grooving to the songs throughout the whole film. Radhe dances to a series of foot-tapping songs not to be missed, including the highly acclaimed Seeti Maar. 

It would have been better if the film had come to cinemas with Bhai's satisfied audience who love its high-octane action and huge segments on the big screen. The problem is that Salman ultimately serves the film too well. 

In fact, with the help of A.C. Mugil and Vijay Mauryas, who wrote the screenplay, it seemed like it had been in the cold store for quite some time and wanted to establish itself as a blockbuster. With less budget and less hype, Radhe had a higher entertainment quotient. However, the film and its eponymous leading actor looked worn out from the beginning. Salman largely avoided any mention that he wanted to promote the film as much as he wanted to gain traction. 

The content and execution of the film are inspired by the Korean film Outlaws from 2017. But director Prabhudeva misses the edge and thriller quotient of the latter in his attempt to create a Salman Khan showcase. Storytelling creates more space for Khan than the set pieces. There's a lot of action that will stun the fans, and that's something to love. 

Quota Naach Gaana and Disha Patani look younger and fitter than ever. Their confrontation will make you watch the film again and again. Apart from the menacing Randeep Hooda, which turns out to be hard to crack, there's not much in the film to pique interest. His Rana, the Drug King, is a character sketch that looks absurd and true, and Jackie Shroff tries to add a touch of humor to a wonderful script. Jacqueline Fernandez's article numbers are vanilla and have no impact, despite the colorful rammatazz that has gone into the shoot. 

Speaking of which, Radhe is too lavish for Bollywood and wasteful given the initial impact on the big screen, an audience reaction that often goes down in foreign cinemas. Some fans have called it a blockbuster. 

The film stars Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie Shroff and Salman Khan. The film will be released in India in digital pay-per-view format and will also be released in cinemas in many countries. Radhe will be available on Zee5 on its pay-per-view services, Zeeplex and ZEE5 OTT platforms, as well as on leading DTH operators. It will be released in over 40 countries, including theatrical releases in key overseas markets on May 13. The film is produced by Salman Khan Films in partnership with Zee Studios by Salma Khan and Sohail Khan via Reel Life Productions Pvt and presented by Salman Khan Films. 

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