2021 iPhone Shock revealed as seven 'All-New' Appal iPhone

2021 iPhone Shock revealed as seven 'All-New' Appal iPhone

We have a lot of understanding of Apple's iPhone 13 Series, including its subtle design changes and less subtle new cameras. But now Apple has confirmed no less than seven new iPhone 13 models.

Through the spot CONSOMAC, Which Apple has publicly been an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 13 PRO is largest official application models of Economic Commission (EEC) database, official regulatory body. Models are: A2628, A2630, A2634, A2635, A2640, A2643 and A2645, which created some mysterious things.

From a historical point, Apple has divided its new iPhone model into a clear category. For example, last year's iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are "A21xx" models, while iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are marked as "A23xx" model. International variants are listed as "A24XX". But, this year is shocking that each iPhone 13 is starting with "A26XX", US and international models of each mobile phone have not enough models (seven).

Based on sales, you may think that iPhone 12 MINI will not be available in all regions, but the answer may be more exciting. When you move upwards, there will be obvious pairing, and considering that apple is decided to provide a unique upgrade of other models for iPhone 12 Pro Max, it may be special treatment again (5G may be higher) modem). This will enable Apple to produce a real global smartphone, which only requires a SKU.

Of course, this is purely my guess, we have more reliable information about the iPhone 13 series. It is worth noting that the disclosed iPhone 13 schematic almost confirmed Apple's plan to narrow the gap and provide a new oversized rear camera, the camera has an upgrade image stability and a larger beamforming microphone, which reduces shooting video Background noise. Yes, it seems that we ushered in the year of the camera..

all new iPhone 13 models will be equipped with significant larger batteries and ultra-efficient A15 chipset, up to 1TB of storage space and Pro model 120 Hz PROMotion display. Apple is also ready to launch pink versions, which will inevitably sell.

Besides, Apple has confirmed the existence of the iPhone 13 series, and the good news is that their release time will also be much better than last year, produce "advance". It is best to start savings.

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